Luxury Anti-Slip Rug Pad

We highly recommend using an anti slip rug pad to keep your rug safe secure and perfectly in place, as well as extending it’s life and beauty.

Sizes Available
90×150 l 120×180 | 160×235 | 190×290cm

Features and Benefits:

Multi Surface – Can be used on wood, laminate, ceramic or carpeted floors. Both our mats are also suitable for use with under floor heating.

Longevity – Extend the life of your rug by reducing wear and tear by reducing lateral movements.

Safety – Reduce potential for trips and slips by holding the rug in place.

Protection – Gives an added layer of protection between the rug and the floor surface in case of any spillages.

Comfort – Adds an additional layer of cushioning.

Washable – Can be washed at a low temperature wool cycle for hygiene.

Versatile – Can be easily cut to size for smaller rugs.

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